Why I Love My Kids Wednesday – Dirty Q-Tips Edition

by MyDadBlog on June 3, 2009

in Funny

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Since I’ve been horribly deficient in keeping up with my blogging here, I figure by enacting a weekly segment, that will force me to share my funny kid quotes and other ridiculous behaviors that I’m sure all you parents out there can relate to.  I’m going to start sharing “Why I Love My Kids Wednesdays” and hope you’ll contribute some of your entertaining stories as well in the comments section.  And of course, just contact me if you’re looking to guest post.

2 Year Old Funnies:

Our 2 Year Old has a tendency to get into our things and well, manipulate them to an undesirable state.  The other morning, I was totally grossed out when I got out of the shower and stuck a Q-Tip in my ear only to feel a slimy substance going into my ear canal.  I looked in the jar and saw another Q-Tip – totally yellow.  Apparently, he likes to go into our Q-Tip jar during the day, clean his ears, and put them back in as special presents for mom and dad.  My wife swears she cleans his ears all the time and he just generates tons of wax and apparently this is a routine occurrence.  She said she usually catches them first and can’t get him to stop…or at least throw them in the trash.  For that, I love my 2 Year Old.

5 Year Old Funnies:

Our recently turn 5 Year Old is doing a great job with some speech issues, so we go out of our way not to laugh at him with anything related to his language, even if it has nothing to do with his actual delivery from a speech standpoint.  Anyway, there are a few words he says which just crack us up, which we do in private.

He’s been obsessed with caterpillars lately.  Last year, it was cicada shells, now it’s caterpillars.  Anyway, he knows what happens when they go into their metamorphosis.

The thing is, he blurted out that his caterpillars are going to make a RACOON and turn into a butterfly.

The other recent funny came when we were at a large garden place and he wanted to know what sort of plant we were looking at.

My wife replied, “Hibiscus”.  He said, “HOT BISCUITS!”.

We couldn’t help ourselves and burst out laughing.  You’ve gotta love this age when they say stuff like this.

Until next edition…

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