Saving Money on Baby Food with DIY Fresh Fruit

by MyDadBlog on October 10, 2009

in Save Money

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In this economy, virtually all families are looking for ways to shave costs off their daily living expenses.  Well, now that we have another little one in the house and she’s progressing into foods, my wife started the routine again of making Samantha’s baby food instead of buying it.  When she did this with our boys, some people used to act like it was a little weird or just “too” frugal, but nowadays, nobody really thinks much of it – and it makes total sense to us!


You can buy baby food in the grocery store for exorbitant prices compared to making it yourself.  Since we try and get our kids as much organic, hormone-free, etc. foods that we can reasonably afford, buying organic baby food can really add up.

How Much Can you Save Making your Own Baby Food?

  • As an example, let’s say your baby’s eating 3 baby food meals a day.
  • At 89 cents per jar for organic, that’s roughly $80 per month in baby food.
  • My wife spent about $15 in the fruits and vegatables she made up, so the savings are about $65 per month

Benefits of Making your Own Baby Food

  • Much cheaper – you’ll notice a few extra bucks at the end of the month no doubt
  • Healthier – no preservatives, fresh
  • Better for the environment – no trash
  • Tastes Better – not sure the baby notices, but we do.  Baby food tastes pretty bad

How to Make Your Own Baby Food

My wife simply goes to the store and buys some fresh fruit – say, pears.  She blends them up in the Cuisinart, puts them in an ice cube tray and freezes them.  Each time we’re going to feed Sam, we just thaw out a cube that that’s half her meal.  The other half is breast milk with rice (the baby kind). As we introduce new foods, the same can be done for peaches, apples, carrots, etc.

It’s a heck of a lot cheaper and very easy to do!

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