Napping Nazis – Can we Relax a Little About Nap Time?

by MyDadBlog on January 4, 2010

in Advice,Criticism

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Is it me or are some parents (usually moms dictate these terms) overly rigid with their kids’ napping schedules?  I don’t mean to knock moms trying to do right by their kids, because I realize that some kids are completely off the wall if they miss their nap for the day or something, but there are some parents who are so rigid with the napping timeline that it’s a little over the top.

We have some acquaintances that absolutely will not budge by even 30 minutes on plans or a get-together if it doesn’t adhere strictly to their child’s standard nap time.  In one case, my wife hangs with a small mom group and when it hits 11:30, one mother abruptly packs up and jets out of there without barely saying a word.  She murmurs something about Johnny’s nap time and how he can’t start late.  I mean, what would happen if instead of laying him down at noon, he went down a 12:15?  Does he turn into a pumpkin?  The kids were having a great time and boom – end of story.  No flexibility.  We have another friend that won’t drive to our house during the day because their child wouldn’t get a full nap at their usual time.  Meanwhile, it’s OK for us to drive to them and have the kid nap in the car or shift their nap time.

Maybe we’re just too lax or real lucky, but since we’ve had to be pretty flexible after moving and drive our kids all over the place to maintain friendships, make doctor’s appointments, hit speech lessons, etc., our kids nap times have moved around to accommodate schedules, not the other way around.

Here’s the funny part…twice per year, times shift by an hour for daylight savings.  The moms have no trouble shifting a noon nap pre-daylight savings to noon post-daylight savings (a whopping 1 hour shift in the span of a day), yet they wig out at the thought of starting or ending a nap 15 minutes from the “clock” time to accommodate a particular situation.

Can someone please explain this to me?

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