The Most Memorable Moments with Your Kids – Here are Mine

by MyDadBlog on July 22, 2010

in Advice

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It’s odd how the brain works.  I only tend to recall a select few memories from childhood and they’re not the ones you’d think.  Disney World? No. Hitting my First Home Run?  No.  Oddly, some of them revolve around negative events even though I had an incredibly positive childhood comparatively speaking.  I’ve read that this is an evolutionary relic where humans tend to remember negative events more prominently as a survival mechanism but somehow my Dad yelling at me for sneaking up on him (Vietnam vet – not a fan of the sneak attack), being made fun of by classmates, etc. tends to stand out.  As a parent though, even as a father of 3 kids with the oldest at 6, I already have some very prominent memories that will likely stick with me for a lifetime.

My favorite and most memorable moments with my kids that tend to stand out in no particular order:

Teaching my son to ride his bike – Probably my most prominent memory of late is my oldest learning how to ride his bike without training wheels.  After several attempts throughout the spring and the ensuing falls and yelling at dad, he finally got it and as I was running alongside him and gave him a push, off he went.  He was trying to conceal his smile and look cool, but I could tell how excited and proud he was.  I’ll probably always remember that moment.

Adventure Guides Trips
– As I mentioned in my coverage of the Adventure Guides program we’re in, my oldest absolutely loves these trips and we’ve had lots of memories.  My most prominent one is sledding off a massive jump they set up on a hill outside our cabin this winter.  With my youngest son and daughter to join the fray eventually, I’m sure there will be several more.

First Fish – Seeing how excited my middle son got over catching a fish is something I’ll always remember.  He’d heard stories about his older brother catching fish and kept asking me to take him fishing so we went to the local creek and caught him a small bass.  He was going nuts!

Laughing and Playing Ball – My daughter just turned 1 and the thing I remember most is the first time I started rolling a ball to her and how much she was laughing throwing it back at me.  She was giggling and lit up and it’s the happiest I’ve ever seen her.

What are Your Most Memorable Moments?

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