Get your home ready for winter

by MyDadBlog on July 1, 2011

in Guest Post

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Preparing your home for the winter months is vital if you plan on saving money on energy costs. Before the chill hits, take the time this fall to winterize your house for the snowy season ahead.

First of all, keep those gutters clean. Gutters tend to collect debris during the fall, so make sure you clean them out to make room for winter’s melting snow.

While cleaning the gutters, check for any leaky pipes. Make sure none are misaligned and that all are clear to flow properly.

If you do encounter any leaks, block them as soon as possible. Caulk any drafty spaces around the home including the areas around windows. Make sure the caulk you purchase is weather-resistant.

For drafty doors, utilize weatherstripping material or opt to replace the door entirely. If you used screens in the door during the warm months, swap them back to glass and install any storm windows you may have in storage.

To prevent freezing pipes, locate the water main so it can be shut off if an emergency arises. Protect all exposed pipes with extra insulation. Don’t forget to drain any garden hoses and air conditioner pipes. If your air conditioning system has a shut-off valve, be sure to turn it off after its last use.

Check the furnace to make sure it works. Do this before the weather gets too cold because you may have to open windows to let the firing-up smell dissipate.

It’s not a bad idea to maintain your furnace by having an inspector come out once a year. A replacement furnace will cost a pretty penny and regular maintenance can prevent unexpected costs.

If you do need to replace a furnace or other issues throughout the home before winter, this would be a good place to spend any savings you may have. If you need to look into a personal loan, compare interest rates on sites such as Moneysupermarket.

Don’t forget to winterize areas outside the home. Trim any trees that overhang near the house. These could end up breaking in the event of an ice storm.

Move any potted plants indoors for the winter and store all gardening equipment. Plant any bulbs that require planting before winter.

Make sure any snow blowers are in good order and have them serviced if necessary. Drain all gas from lawnmowers and any other equipment.

Purchase bags of sand or special ice-melt prior to any news of snowstorms. Waiting too long may mean these products are harder to come by.

Power outages are inevitable during the winter, so be prepared with an emergency kit and a family plan. Buy plenty of matches and candles. Stock up on kerosene for oil lamps.

It doesn’t hurt to store canned food, extra blankets, backup batteries and first-aid kits throughout the house, in easily-accessible locations. Go over any emergency drills with the family and have an evacuation plan.

Winterizing your home will ensure the safety of your family and can drastically reduce your energy costs during the frigid season. A little planning and early preparation go a long way.

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