Flushing Toys Down the Toilet – Punishment Time

by MyDadBlog on May 24, 2009

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So, we were visiting some friends yesterday and they have a 3 1/2 year old.  Our son, who just turned 5 has been getting punished for being naughty (for a few years now of course, but he’s changed tactics), has now resorted to telling his little brother to do naughty things, with the thinking that he’ll still get to celebrate the destruction he has wrought without the consequences.  In this case, he told our friends’ son to flush some toys down the toilet during our visit.  Nobody actually saw it, but someone that came in the bathroom after the deed was done said that the boys fessed up to their caper.

We’re obviously incredibly frustrated and embarrassed by this and they were very cool about it.  They called this morning to just try and ascertain what it was that our son told their son to flush since the toilet’s clogged.  Apparently, it was a hockey puck, a set of toy keys and something else now that the full story has come out.  We offered to pay the plumber’s bill, but they said no.  We intend on sending them some money once all is said and done anyway.

As punishment, we intend on counting out plenty of money out of our kid’s hoard in is piggy bank that he prides himself on.  It’s a day after the fact and we didn’t know what happened immediately, so the punishment’s a bit delayed, but he knows what he did was wrong.

Thoughts on how we’re handling this and have your kid’s put you in a similar situation before?

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