Dancing Ain’t Just for Girls – Take it From Me

by MyDadBlog on September 7, 2012

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Contrary to popular belief amongst a lot of guys my age, dancing can be quite rewarding and is very much mainstream for boys these days. I would know. My 6 year old is Mr. Hip-Hop around the house. It’s pretty funny; I don’t know where he gets it from, but he’s real into whatever hot pop song is out there each month and he loves dancing. He liked it so much so that my wife ended up signing him up for a hip-hop class at the local dance studio and the class was packed with boys ranging from 5-10 years old. He had this really fun recital where they had some funky childrens dancewear and did a choreographed routine. The parents went nuts, it was great.
This year, coincidentally, at my older son’s school event, they brought in a popular hip-hop teacher to do a whole demonstration for the school about hip-hop through the ages. The show was great and it brought back some funny memories from break dancing, the robot, and other moves I used to see and do as a kid.
While a lot of dads think their sons should only be playing football and doing “cool kid/tough guy” activities, the reality is that a lot of parents push their kids into activities they don’t really enjoy and that’s a shame. My middle son who’s in dance now does baseball, soccer and basketball as well, but this is something recreational that he enjoys which is unique to him in our family and gives him a different outlet and experience compared to organized competitive sports.
I remember as a kid (and to this day), I can’t really dance. It’s not my thing. I don’t like it, I don’t like how I look ridiculous, etc. My wife is polar opposite and loves to dance. At weddings and parties, she’s out there dancing away and I’m standing in a corner drinking beer or talking to the other stiff guys like me about how we hate dancing. I’m glad my son’s getting the confidence and skills to be able to dance; it certainly won’t hurt with the ladies when he’s older either.

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