Why I Love My Kids Wednesday – Beetle’s Butts Edition

by MyDadBlog on July 15, 2009

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In this week’s edition of Why I Love My Kids Wednesday, our children embarrassed us and ratted us out like champs.  I hope you’ll contribute some of your entertaining stories as well in the comments section.

5 Year Old Potty Mouth

So, we found this insanely strange looking beetle in our yard the other day.  Our two boys were enamored with the giant pincers and rapid movements in the little bug case they use for such activities.  At one point, a giant spike started to emerge from its backside.  I had no idea what it was, presumably a stinger of some sort.  Anyway, I don’t even recall saying this, but I must have described it to my wife over the phone in vulgar fashion and my son overheard me.

He was at speech lessons today and was describing this new beetle he found to the speech teacher.  She was listening along when he burst out, “And This Giant Spike Came Out It’s Ass!”.  My wife was mortified.  She just looked at the teacher not knowing whether to laugh or hang her head in shame.

Trash-Talking: Caught Red Handed

You can always count on your kids to rat you out when you’re trash-talkin’ someone else.  Our 5-Year Old got us good this week.  He’s enrolled in swim classes right now. My wife enthusiastically signed him up for swim so he could finally get out of swimming bubbles and kick boards and learn to swim on his own.  She was dismayed to find that each time she picks him up, all the kids are doing is rudimentary activities like climbing up and down a ladder in the pool or playing tag in the water and not actually learning to swim.  This went on for a few days.  At dinner one night, she was venting to me and said, “I didn’t pay all this money so he could play tag in the water”.

So, our 5-Year old comes back from swim this week and tells my wife that he relayed that line to the teacher verbatim, “My Mom Said she didn’t pay all this money for me to play tag in the water”.  In retort, the teacher said, “You tell your mommy that you don’t get to progress to the next stage until you finish this class and she can come talk to me if she likes”.

Wow, talk about ratted out!  Gotta love what your kids selectively share with people from household conversation.

Any good ones on your end?

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