Adventure Guides is Just Right for This Dad

by MyDadBlog on March 9, 2010

in Reviews

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Since our 5 year old son is our first, he’s our experiment.  We try out all kinds of activities, sports, shows, hobbies and more at least once and if it works, we stick with it.  So far, we’re sticking with piano, T-Ball and soccer.  Not so sure about basketball and some of the other things we’ve tried.  Without trying to load him up with too much, because he’s gotta be a kid after all, we checked out Adventure Guides at the request of one of our neighbors.  I kind of consider Adventure Guides to be Cub Scouts “light”.  For those 30-somethings and older, you may recall hearing about Indian Guides as a kid.  Do to political correctness, this is the same organization with a new name.

Adventure Guides Review to Date:

So far, so good.  It’s relatively laid back, the Dads and kids involved are pretty cool and you just participate in what you want to.  You only pay for the events you go to.  There’s no fund raising.  So, if you’re really jammed up for a couple months or short on cash, no problem.  You can pick up later.  They basically have a monthly meeting where we meet at one of the Dad’s houses and talk about the next external activity while the kids play.  Then, the kids sit around in a circle and do a brief announcement about what’s new in their lives (usually filled with some silliness and chuckles), then the kids do a craft.  This is all funded by the host.

As far as activities, to date, we went with our circle and slept over on the Battleship New Jersey (Awesome!), spent a weekend in the mountains doing sledding, game night, a hike in 3 feet of snow and some other neat stuff I probably wouldn’t get around to doing with my kids on a typical weekend, and next, we have PineWood Derby Car Races coming up.  Upcoming for the summer will be some other campout stuff and day trips.  It’s probably about 8 major events per year.  Dads can do something similar with their daughters for the girl-only Adventure Guides as well.  It’s really been a blast, my son can’t stop talking about it and I feel like we’ve really bonded on these trips.  Not that we don’t do a ton of fun stuff with the family, but there’s something different about going away one on one with one of your kids for a weekend for a fun trip.

I’m sure soon, some of his friends will be joining cub scouts and he’ll be asking me about that too, but for now, I’m satisfied with this toned-down version.  Cub Scouts seems like a bit more of a commitment, with uniforms, fundraisers and other stuff that might not work for us.  But, the activities the kids do seem to overlap.  For instance, the trip to the Battleship was frequented by both Cub Scouts and Adventure Guides.

Anyway, I give it a thumbs up.  Curious if you have any impressions of either organization.

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