by MyDadBlog on April 13, 2011

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After tightening your belt for a frugal Mother’s Day, the last thing you needed was the Easter holidays coming along to relieve you of any money that you may have saved.

But that’s exactly what has happened and there’s a giant, egg-bearing bunny on it’s way to empty your wallet.

The worse news though is that, once you have splashed out on enough chocolate to … you then have to entertain the kids for the next two weeks.

This, in itself, is nothing but fun as there can be no better way to while away the days than spending time with your children…but it can be a massive drain on your finances!

So coming up is a list of frugal fun stuff you can do with the kids this Easter…

The park…

An obvious one to start with but there is generally something for everyone to enjoy at the local park.

Take the kids exploring and looking for wildlife and if there is a duck pond, as there is in my local park, take a loaf of bread and feed the ducks.

Admittedly, this doesn’t sound like the most thrilling of activities but the kids will love the fact that they can get so close to the wild birds…and it needn’t cost a thing if you have some out of date bread lying around, the ducks generally aren’t too fussy!

You can then go on nature walks through the park, cycle rides or take a picnic and a football and make a day of eating outdoors and playing games.

The library…

The hardest thing about taking the kids to the library is keeping them quiet but if you can manage this then you can have a great time without getting too many disapproving looks from librarians!

And, during the holidays especially, there is usually more to do than simply choosing and reading books as local libraries will often put on craft and activity events to keep the kids occupied.

The museum…

Like the library, the museum can suffer from the misconception of being dusty, old and boring, but this is very rarely the case!

To see all of the old artifacts, paintings and displays up close will fire the children’s imagination and, again, just like the library, museums will often have fun and interactive activities on hand to entertain the whole family.

The farm…

Even if you live in the city there’s a chance that you’ll have an urban farm that’s not too far away and these can make great days out.

The kids will love the chance to see how the farm works and where the farm animals live and they may even have a petting section where children can get more hands on with the animals and maybe feed them.

Some farms also have fruit picking and this can be great for the kids to pick their own fruit to eat or cook with when you get home.

The airport…

Perhaps not a place you’d necessarily consider for a day out but spending time at the airport can be great fun and kids never seem to tire of seeing planes take off and land.

In fact, even as an adult, there’s still something exciting about seeing an airplane at close quarters!

Just make sure you tell the kids that you’re not actually going on holiday else the day could be one massive let down!

So there’s five days covered and before you know it it’s the weekend…and time for the Easter bunny to deliver the eggs and presents that will keep the kids busy for week two of the holidays!

And frugal fatherhood doesn’t have to stop there, if you can make savings on the everyday bills then this should free up some extra cash to do more fun stuff with the kids.

To save on everyday bills, see if you can make savings with moneysupermarket or another price comparison website and even just turning off lights and appliances can save a great deal in energy bills over the course of the year.

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