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Whether it’s the growing popularity of ‘Movember’ (the month-long charity moustache growing event) or just a well timed and fashionable return to the 1970s that’s responsible, moustaches are finally trendy again. While upper lip hair was out of the limelight, moustaches gained something of a reputation but hipsters across the world are determined to wipe clean the moustache slate. In this vein, let’s take a look at some well known examples of great moustaches.


Donnie Brasco


Few men need to be told twice that they look like Johnny Deppbefore they let a style seep in to their fibre. While not all of us have been blessed with his cheekbones, his character in DonnieBrasco poses a more achievable style: the moustache.


Salvador Dali


Few things in the life of Salvador Dali were run of the mill and the man was not to let his facial hair become an exception. Dali’s iconic moustache embodied a rich artistic culture which did the world no end of good. While taking on his style might bring you a few funny looks he’s the perfect role model for those who are reluctant to try out a moustache.


Hulk Hogan


Growing a moustache like Hulk Hogan’s might not be easy but there’s a method to it. Whether you love or hate the wrestler and actor, there’s no denying that his moustache has become something of an iconic symbol. Copying the style, however, requires some serious guts.


Tom Selleck


Tom Selleck has become an icon for older men everywhere. Commonly cited as a prime example of an attractive older male, it is Selleck’s furniture moustache which lends him so much style. This is one to be careful with, though, because moustache styles like this are better suited to the more mature gentleman.


Friedrich Nietzsche


You don’t have to be a philosopher to recognise the moustache of Friedrich Nietzsche. While Nietzsche is often seen as the founder of Nihilism, a doctrine which presents life as lacking in meaning, he evidently saw point enough in life to dedicate some time to the growth of the hair on his upper lip.

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